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If you are a nervous person when it comes to the dental experience, it can be difficult to get the dental care that you need. What's the answer? Well, you could take IV drugs or narcotic pills, but there are side-effects associated with those methods, and for some people, including recovering addicts, it is not possible to use narcotic options at all. Luckily, you can avail yourself of natural relaxation treatment with NUCalm.

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First of all, it is reassuring to know that this is 100% safe and has been proven to work. You will be able to feel deep relaxation, as natural relaxation treatment with NuCalm settles you into a pre-sleep state. The system requires a total of four easy steps, after which you will be able to get the necessary dental work without any of the difficulties that you would feel otherwise. The entire process only takes about three minutes and within five minutes or less, you will feel totally and completely relaxed.

Our doctors in Del Ray, Alexandria's first step of natural relaxation treatment with NuCalm is to apply either a topical cream or chew a dietary supplement that serves to slow the effects of your body's adrenaline. This is the only product that has this specific formula for creating safe and fast relaxation. The second step is a microcurrent stimulation patch behind each ear, and then noise canceling headphones delivering the result of proprietary neuroacoustic software to guide your brain to its pre-sleep stage. And the final component is an eye mask to block light. That's all there is to it.

Tips & Insights

Best time to use NuCalm - in the afternoon between 2pm and 4pm.

Average time for a NuCalm experience: 28 minutes - 35 minutes. Your brain knows best how much restoration you need at any given time. The more stressed you are, the longer your NuCalm will be. But, there is hope - as the more you use NuCalm, the more balanced and healthy you become!

NuCalm Recovery II and NuCalm Recovery III are the most powerful, most restorative neuroacoustic tracks ever created! The NuCalm 2.0 physics algorithm (Relax and Recovery tracks) is significantly more powerful than the original NuCalm 1.0 physics algorithm (Piano, Guitar, Spa, and Strings).

During NuCalm you are not supposed to fall asleep, but you should be hovering just above sleep. However, if you are in need of sleep, you may drift in and out of sleep during your NuCalm experience. Otherwise, your mind will wander and your body will feel heavy. Your heart rate and respiration rate will slow down as your body restores and recovers during NuCalm.

Tony Robbins talks about NuCalm and restoration:

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Relaxed Dental Visit At DENTAL EXCELLENCE

A 5 minute video explains the biology of the stress response and how NuCalm provides an all-natural way to relax in the dental chair.

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